The physicians of Elite Vein Center have performed several thousand procedures. We have a 97% success rate and most patients have relief of their heaviness, ache and discomfort within six weeks.

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Venous disease is more than just unsightly varicose veins. Over 25 million adults are believed to suffer from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The spectrum of venous insufficiency includes spider veins, to varicose veins, to leg swelling and discoloration to what are known as stasis ulcers. (wounds usually near the ankles and distal calves) It affects men and women, young and old. Historically, it is a problem that did not receive the “attention” of arterial disease. This is why we decided to open Elite Vein Center.

Anyone can own a laser to treat veins, so why choose Elite Vein Center? Venous disease is a vascular problem. Would you hire an electrician to repair the plumbing in your home? Allow the grocery store cashier to repair your car? So why would you have a cardiologist, radiologist, dermatologist or internist treat your venous insufficiency?

Our director is one of less than six board certified vascular surgeons in Clark County, NV. He is a member of the Society of Vascular Surgery, the most prestigious and preeminent organization of experts in the field of vascular disease and was the first to bring minimally invasive vein ablation and transilluminated powered phlebectomy to the Las Vegas community. He has over seventeen years of experience and has successfully treated thousands of patients.

Elite Vein Center treats the entire spectrum of venous disease. Our physicians are all board certified and our dedicated staff understands the unique complexities and issues that arise in people with venous insufficiency.

Meet Our Doctors

Eddy H. Luh

Eddy H. Luh

MD, FSVS, RPVI, FACS Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Eddy Luh graduated from Cornell University. He then received his medical degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Dr. Luh completed his General Surgery residency here in Nevada at the University of Nevada Affiliated Hospitals. He then trained at the world renowned ...

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